14 Nov

How Do We Exceed Expectations?

When we think about succeeding, there are a lot of different ways to evaluate our progress. Most of us are bound by expectations—the ones we have for ourselves and the ones others have for us are both equally important. There’s a standard we’re being held to all the time. And the feeling of true success comes when we exceed expectations.

What does this actually look like? Not everything is measured objectively. When you’re looking at abstract goals and milestones, knowing when you’ve fallen short is easy. Figuring out when you’ve met or exceeded them can be much more difficult. That’s when we have to evaluate ourselves and learn what kind of standard we’re willing to accept.

Recently, I was put in charge of a big work project—a remote training for 30 people. This wasn’t an ordinary circumstance though. The client I was working with was one with very high standards. They were challenging and already frustrated since we were way behind. They didn’t hesitate to be vocal about their complaints. For this demonstration, they wanted to include some of their high-level executives.

It was vital that this training goes PERFECTLY. No pressure, right?

Shortly after the training, I got an email from my boss about how it went. I was pretty nervous—until I read it. The client was absolutely thrilled with the training. They wanted to edit the recording professionally and use it themselves for future reference. Multiple, high-level executives stopped our sponsor to let them know what a great job I had done handling it. The salesperson on our team thanked me personally for managing to exceed expectations and turn a loser into a winner on this project.

How did I get to this “WOW” reaction? It sounds simple but hard work was the biggest thing for me. I did research on their needs and figured out what their pain points were and how to best address them. I went above and beyond in my preparation and in my delivery. I did my research and tried to expect the unexpected. I pulled out all the stops and do my absolute best to put together a great presentation and wow the new client. By doing all of these things, I was able to exceed expectations.

This is the same thing I want to bring to my followers with my new productivity guide. You need the right tools in order to really push your limits and exceed expectations. When you don’t know exactly what success looks like, being able to motivate yourself to work even harder is tough. This guide doesn’t just tell you how to get unstuck on your projects—it teaches you how to dream bigger, how to sketch out your goals, and how to reach your milestones.

Now, here’s the latest way I’m exceeding expectations.

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And remember, don’t just hold yourself to other people’s standards. If you want to exceed expectations, not just meet them, you have to be willing to look at your goals and your performance and figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are. Growth starts with you.