20 Sep

Sink or Swim: A Lesson on Fear


Each day life teaches us new lessons when we’re open and receptive to recognizing them. By simply taking the experiences that you have with others you can draw powerful conclusions that will ultimately help you better succeed in life.

When it comes to fear, overcoming it can be quite the challenge but I learned some time ago that you have to take fear head-on.

How I Learned To Face My Fears

This past summer some friends and I decided to let the good times roll, rent a boat on the lake and soak up the sun. Just about everyone in the group could swim with the exception of a choice few, including our friend Jackie. Most of us would avoid water activities if we couldn’t swim but not Jackie. Jackie looked fear directly in the face and before we knew it, she was in the water enjoying herself like she’d been swimming for years.

Know it or not, Jackie helped me realize that any fear can be overcome and with a few simple steps anyone can live fearlessly.

How To Live Without Fear

Take Precautions: Everyone in the boat (able to swim or not) put on a life vest and followed the basic safety rules. In the same regard, exercise caution when conquering fears BUT don’t allow those fears to hold you back. It’s okay to have a safety net to rely on when charging toward your fears, just as long as you face your fears head-on.

Take Small Steps: You know what they say…you’ve got to crawl before your walk and that very much applies to how you attack the fears that are holding you back. When Jackie initially got in the water she didn’t just dive in, she held onto the ladder and eased her way in.

Get A Support System: Of course we were all there to cheer on Jackie and you should definitely make sure that you have a solid support system. It’s no secret that we all need people on our team who are willing to support and encourage us when we’re unsure or just feel like giving up.

Push Past The Fear: In most cases you’d be surprised at how simple it is to face your fears and that whatever you were scared of wasn’t quite as bad as you’d thought it would be.

What’s one of your greatest fears and how can you use the tips above to make sure that you emerge victorious?