29 Aug

Stay Productive Doing These 5 Things

Success isn’t built overnight. You have to be able to stay productive and put in the time, effort, and energy necessary day after day to achieve your goals. Consistency over time is the key.

One complaint I hear from clients over and over is how difficult it is to stay productive. They feel like they don’t have the time or they just get burnt out. I’ve often felt the same way—between building my business, writing my book, raising my family, and trying to take on new opportunities, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how I’m going to get it all done.

Now, I realize that it’s not just about time—it’s about what you do with it. We must take control of our time in order to use it effectively. If you want to ramp up your productivity and really get to work, use these 5 essentials:

Morning Routine

To stay productive, you need to have a good morning routine. It sets the tone for your whole day and you should strive to kick every off right. Have special time just for you makes a big difference. You should use this time to plan your to-do list as well as identify potential blockers that might keep you occupied and find solutions. Prepare productivity before the day gets away from you.

Time-Block Your Calendar

Productive people are good at blocking off their calendar. Think of it like a budget but for your time instead of your money. Find a method that works for you—using your phone calendar, keeping a handwritten list, or using another organizational too—and make sure you stick to it. You’ll be able to stay productive by keeping better track of where your time goes.

Automate Your Tasks

Think about repetitive tasks that suck up your time. There are a wealth of tools out there to help you automated everyday things instead of trying to take them on manually. Using filters on your email to prioritize more important items and setting up autopay on your bills are simple examples of ways to give yourself extra time. Although the initial setup might take some time, the rewards are worth it.

Set Reminders

Once you get into the hustle of your day, it’s easy for things to slip out of your head. Take advantage of technology and set reminders. Having alerts not only lightens your cognitive load but also helps you stay productive. Don’t miss important appointments or tasks from brain drain. Reminders keep you on task and help you find the blockers that might slow you down.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

Staying focused on a project is hard. People have discovered the Pomodoro Technique as a helpful way to get work done without draining you. Set a time for 20-25 minutes and focus on one task. Then take a short break, reset the timer, and start over. This keeps your mind sharp (and your coffee cup full) while getting a lot done.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. Successful people know how to stay productive and use their time wisely, which sets them apart. How you use your time will determine whether you can meet your goals.