12 Dec

The Frustration of Being Stuck

What does it mean to be stuck? The dictionary will tell you it’s to becoming hindered or fastened to something. Being stationary or immobile come to mind. But we’re not talking about physically being stuck. This is about the mental challenges and inspirational difficulty of being trapped in the cycle of stuck.


The Cycle of “Stuck”


Tell me if this sounds familiar:


You have a new idea and want to start a new project. You have tons of thoughts and ideas rushing out. You can barely keep up with how excited you are about it. But that excitement stops being fun and becomes overwhelming. Suddenly all this energy you had is drained. You feel worse than before. You hit a slump and getting out seems impossible. So instead, you give up. Or at least, you move on to something different.


This is the cycle of stuck. Although you aren’t alone if you’re stuck here, you definitely need a way out. Staying in the cycle means getting burnt out and abandoning good ideas because you’ve run out of energy.


Problems with Being Stuck


I’ve had a lot of irons in the fire this year and it’s been wearing on me. Keeping up with my day job and running my business is hard enough on its own. But I also wanted to create a great new tool for my followers. All of these things take more and more time for me. Plus, my wife and I just had our first child.


I hit obstacle after obstacle. I’d work constantly but always feel behind. I barely slept but I seemed stuck in place. I felt like I was slamming into a brick wall. Not being able to make progress made me feel like I was just spinning my wheels, burning energy for nothing. To make it worse, I felt guilty for robbing my family of what little time we had together so that I could keep trying to work on my projects.


Being stuck is frustrating and mentally draining. This is one of the most difficult problems any entrepreneur can encounter. When keeping a business going is 100% in your hands, it’s easy to run out of energy and want to give up. Success comes from holding ourselves accountable and motivating ourselves–which means finding our own way out of vicious cycles.


Breaking the Cycle of Stuck


Too often, being stuck means things are abandoned. As soon as it gets too difficult or there isn’t enough energy, the whole thing goes by the wayside. But, the idea isn’t bad just because you ran out of gas working on it. Losing steam on a project doesn’t mean you shouldn’t finish it. In fact, sometimes the projects we get stuck on are actually the most important ones.


What did I do to stop being stuck? I did what I always do–found answers for myself. I started researching different motivational tools. I reached out to other influencers. I got dozens of answers. And in breaking the cycle of stuck, I came up with the idea for my next big project.


The Get Unstuck productivity guide is a great tool for people pursuing their big ideas. Staying productive consistently and breaking away from being stuck. I took the advice, ideas, and interviews I had with other successful entrepreneurs and influencers and transformed them into an interactive guide to solve all your motivational problems. If you’re tired of being stuck, you have to get on the waiting list today so you can finish your projects and unlock your potential for success.

Launch date is January 4th! Start your new year unstuck and on fire!